Poetry | Selfsaved


Ideas of a mental cleanse and self care are intertwined in this profound poem about freedom. It is about the struggle one goes through to separate their mind from external forces and overcome mentally debilitating disorders such as depression and anxiety.

From personal experience, it is not a an easy thing to take control of emotions such as hopelessness, loneliness, sadness, anger and worry. The hardest thing to do is to make the very choice to pull free from the cloud of emotions that control your life. To be mentally free. This poem highlights that it not easy to choose freedom and it not quick, and it may take years to over-come whatever is trapping you in your reality, but it is something that will always be worth it.
The ocean for myself is very mysterious and beautiful entity, embodies power and strength, and all that I aspire to be. This is why I chose this element to be in the process of cleansing for this child, who represents the inner you.W

Symbolism| To find the element that brings your peace and immerse yourself. With time learn to cleanse your mind, leave behind negativity that traps you and lose yourself to the wonders of your own Life.




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